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Early in 1963, he was in Hong Kong working on L’Inconnue de Hong Kong and in June he felt confident enough to announce that ‘La Nouvelle Vague, C’est Moi’. So by November of that year, when he recorded his first full album Gainsbourg Confidentiel, he was a successful figure in the French music industry, if not yet an established star in his own right. This he would achieve through his collaboration with a young female vocalist named France Gall..

When it comes to spending time outside, there no time quite like a summer night. With the day finally cooled down, yet still comfortable, the chorus of grasshoppers and other nature sounds surrounding you, there really is no finer time to get up and get out into the great outdoors. For movie enthusiasts who rather be watching a film than watching the sights and listening to the natural sounds around them, Long Island has the perfect activity for you outdoor movie nights! By participating in an outdoor film screening you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, the indoor and outdoor world! All you need to do is bring a blanket or a lawn chair, then sit back, relax and enjoy the show..

When I entered it the first time I was at the pains to call about me the sad company of those who had passed its corridors from imprisonment to death; and, I doubt not, many excellent tourists have done the same. I was somewhat ashamed to learn afterward that I had, on this occasion, been in very low society, and that the melancholy assemblage which I then conjured up was composed entirely of honest rogues, who might indeed have given as graceful and ingenious excuses for being in misfortune as the galley slaves rescued by Don Quixote, who might even have been very picturesque, but who were not at all the material with which a well regulated imagination would deal. The Bridge of Sighs was not built till the end of the sixteenth century, and no romantic episode of political imprisonment and punishment (except that of Antonio Foscarini) occurs in Venetian history later than that period.

By day I am a Web Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Internet Marketing Manager and Event Photographer. Some may think that’s crazy, but I love what I do because I get to wear several different hats, and every day presents something new. I recently graduated with my Master’s in IT and Internet Engineering and then picked up and moved from Vermont to Wisconsin.I have loved photography since the first time I borrowed my father’s Pentax K1000 at age 8.

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