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My rights are not encroached on just because they can’t or won’t call something what I call it. I don’t feel a need to yell, or preach, or engage in debate to get them to say the words I feel are the ‘right’ words. I realize God didn’t grant me control over everyone.

In separate control experiments animals received footshocks without sounds. After discrimination learning the paired (CS+) and unpaired (CS ) sounds were repeatedly presented alone. We found increased unit firing and LFP power in PL and, to a lesser extent, IL after discrimination learning but not after footshocks alone.

Although a growing stream of research investigates the role of government in corporate social responsibility (CSR), little is known about how governmental CSR interventions interact in financial markets. This article addresses this gap through a longitudinal study of the socially responsible investment (SRI) market in France. Building on the ‘CSR and government’ and ‘regulative capitalism’ literature, we identify three modes of governmental CSR intervention regulatory steering, delegated rowing, and microsteering and show how they interact through the two mechanisms of layering (the accumulation of interventions), and catalyzing (the alignment of interventions).

This thesis is concerned with understanding how Electronic Patient Record systems (EPRs) are being problematised and enacted in NHS acute hospital Trusts following the dismantling of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT). The term EPR is widely used but has no uniform definition and has been applied to a wide range of systems. In policy, EPRs have often been envisaged as integrated, large scale systems capable of transforming how healthcare is delivered.

Compared to previous census figures, many of the islands face depopulation and an ageing population, while others have thriving communities and a lower average age than the rest of Scotland (Scotland Census Results Online 2003). Lewis and Harris have the largest population with 19,918 inhabitants in 2001, followed by Mainland Shetland and Mainland Orkney. In total, 14 islands had more than 1,000 inhabitants, while 50 had less than 100..

(That about how wrong they were in Victoria in November last year, but the difference between a big win and a landslide doesn generate the same headlines.) The primary figures were way out too. Leaving aside idiosyncratic Ipsos, which always overstates the Greens (mostly at the expense of Labor), the pollsters exaggerated Labor support by 2 or 3 percentage points and understated the Coalition by 3 or 4. We never know for sure why that happened, but here are a few clues about the great 2019 polling disaster.